Terms and Conditions L2Lion

When buying, be aware that you have no privilege before the other players. All are subject to the same rules and punishments.

We are not responsible for the security and fate of the item after it is delivered to your character. We will not refund anything if you lose in game or some carelessness with the security of your account.

We will not, under any circumstances, refund the purchase money, however, we guarantee the delivery of which was purchased at your selected character within the terms and conditions set forth in the following.

Deadlines and Delivery

The deadline for delivery varies depending on the chosen mode of payment and may be a few minutes for purchases made through online transfer or credit card, or up to 72 hours for purchases made through a bank.

We will receive automatically from intermediaries sites notifications about the transaction. There is no need for payment confirmation via e-mail or sending vouchers, our system is fully automatic.

For security reasons our system only deliver if your character is offline at the time the payment is approved. But do not worry, if your character is found online at the time of delivery, a new delivery attempt will be performed automatically every hour, until your character is offline.

Disputes in payment sites, attempts to chargeback or fraudulent attitudes will not be tolerated. In such cases we will block their accounts and computers until the condition is evaluated and resolved, the lock may be permanent depending on the event.

If problems arise in the automatic delivery, all you have to do is contact us: email: support@l2Lion.com. No contact before a period of 24 hours after confirmation of your payment.